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It's common for injury to happen at work, costing both you and your employer time and money. Remarkably, more than half of workers using computers for at least 15 hours a week develop joint problems within the first year of the job.

If your office or company is interested in decreasing its medical costs from musculoskeletal injuries or in modifying its workspace to help manage and prevent onsite injuries, Velocity Physio can help. Velocity Physio is licensed in the DSI Work Solutions Functional Capacity Assessment, Job Function Testing* (post offer testing and early return to work) and Job Function Description. We also offer Office Ergonomics Assessment and Treatment.

An important element in positively addressing work-related musculoskeletal injuries is early intervention. This process is triggered by an employee report of musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. The employee’s complaint is evaluated by a licensed rehabilitation professional and an intervention strategy is developed, beginning with a job assessment that identifies potential musculoskeletal  stressors that could be linked to the employee’s complaint. Recommendations regarding work technique modification, exercises, or ergonomic intervention are then determined, with weekly follow-up to assess improvement.

The Waiters Bow

This is a corrective exercise for people who tend to have symptoms with prolonged sitting.


The DSI Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) is a standardized physical test that measures an injured worker's abilities. In the DSI FCA, workers perform various activities that simulate on-the-job work tasks. These activities can then be matched to the specific tasks of a certain job. The DSI FCA is based on clinical research and combines the highest level of safety with objective findings. 



The JFT is the first step employers can take in preventing workplace injuries. This ADA-compliant functional test is used to determine an individual's ability to safely perform the physical requirements of a specific job. Based on validated Job Function Descriptions (JFDs) to ensure job-relatedness, the JFT provides specific correlations between job demands and an applicant's physical abilities. It can be used for hiring, job transfers, and return-to-work situations. 



A Job Function Analysis (JFA) is a comprehensive, objective, and structured process for evaluating the physical aspects of work, the worker, and the worksite. Applications for both office and industrial settings are utilized. The JFA process objectively quantifies, measures, and categorizes the active components of the job, including required movements, forces, weights, and postures. Data from the JFA can then be used to assist with development of Job Function Descriptions (JFDs), Job Function Tests (JFTs), ergonomic modifications, customized educational programs, and return-to-work programs.


* Job Function Matching®, Job Function Description™, and Job Function Test™ trademarks are owned by DSI Work Solutions Inc. Velocity Physiotherapy is a Licensed Provider of DSI.

Two years ago, I was struck by a cab while crossing the street. I struggled to sit for any period of time and was unable to perform every day activities. Erica's dedication and determination in finding solutions to alleviate the pain and in teaching me how to use my muscles correctly again have been remarkable. She even visited my office to recommend ergonomic changes, which proved to show immediate positive results. Her expertise is outstanding, and I highly recommend Velocity Physio!

Stephanie V.

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