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As soon as you are injured, the healing power of the human body kicks in. Any pain you experience is a normal response to what your brain and nervous system perceive as a threat. Altered muscle activity is also part of the body’s response to injury and can manifest itself as a loss of mobility or a movement dysfunction.

When part of your body hurts, it might avoid movement altogether or move in a way that is suboptimal for your nervous system, causing pain to persist longer that it should. We help you understand why your body is hurting and develop a comprehensive recovery plan to improve your neuromuscular control and regain optimal movement.

Whether you have just sprained your ankle, recently had a baby, or undergone surgery, or you are just not moving or physically performing as effectively as you would like, making time for proper healing and treatment is paramount to 
your success. 


Highlights of Monthly Video

This is a corrective exercise for strengthening the gluteus medius and minimus.


After a so-called successful surgical procedure to replace my right hip joint in March 2010, I developed a limp and lurching gait. Despite months of physical therapy at two different facilities, the condition remained, with only slight improvement noted. A referral from a new physiatrist brought me to Erica Meloe. She immediately honed in on the source of my tortured gait. After just two sessions, I could envision a recovery as a result of her special insights and exacting treatment. Gratitude abounds.

Janice Y.  


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