Places We Like

Below is a list of places we frequent to keep up with current concepts and best practices in physical therapy. They are also great places to interact with other PTs, share information, and learn from one another. Because we like them so much,
we thought that you would, too.


Physical Therapy Project is a unique initiative dedicated to the development and advancement of physical therapy professionals within the United States and around the world.

PT Talker is the online resource for business news and ideas for physical therapists.

SomaSimple is a place to discuss clinical neuroscience and its relationship to persistent pain syndromes.

A professional support resource, RehabEdge is a forum where physical therapists interact and learn from one another.

Discover Physio is an educational company whose focus is on deductive clinical reasoning using an integrated systems approach to the body.

NOI Group focuses on healthy notions of self, integrating neuroscience, neurodynamics and manual therapy into patient management.

Evidence in Motion is a bridge connecting research and academic excellence with the world's community of practicing physical therapists.

MyPhysicalTherapySpace allows PTs the opportunity to meet, consult, join in discussions, form online communities, share information, and collaborate with other physical therapists around the world.

Karen Litzy hosts a weekly radio show Healthy, Wealthy, & Smart.  She covers topics relating to physical health but explores topics of cultural, mental, and intellectual well -being as well.

The SFMA is an assessment tool from Gray Cook designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement in those with known musculoskeletal pain.

Body in Mind is an organization that focuses on advances and issues in the clinical sciences as they relate to the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders.

DSI Work Solutions is a company that provides opportunities for the employee and the employer to reduce work injury, improve productivity, and create systems that blend employer and medical provider expertise.

Sports Rehab Expert provides up-to-date information on sports and orthopedic rehab and injury prevention. It’s got lots of great articles and audiocasts, as well!

Velocity Sports Performance is New York ’s only speed, power and agility training center for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

I had known Annie for a few years,
long and well enough to share my wow of back pain on occasion. Knowing that I was receiving PT elsewhere off and on, Annie had always kept her thoughts to herself. One day, she took me aside for a quick evaluation. After a few twists here and a couple of bends there, Annie announced, “You don’t have a back problem, you have a frozen hip!” On the spot, she applied some initial PT and, with a follow up the next day, I
was a new man. She has since helped me understand the architecture of my body, how to care for it, and how to recognize impending signs of problems. 

Peter H. 

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